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Main objectives and tasks of the Association:

  • Modernization and sustainable development of transport economy based on effective reliable solutions in the field of pricing and tariffs.
  • Creation of an international system of steady information and experiences sharing and practices exchange among regulators and railways in the field of transport regulation.
  • Assistance in the implementation of national and regional benefits of logistics technologies of the business-members of the Association in the field of transport and logistics on regional and international markets.
  • Assistance in the effective utilization of transit potential of the countries-participants of the Association.
  • Assistance in formation of favorable investment climate for the development of rail transport and logistics infrastructure.
  • The formation and implementation the system of a complex through tariff rates of Railways and other modes of transport for business development of Association members within the international transport corridors.
  • The pursuit to lower the share of transport component in the cost of industrial products and consumer goods.
  • Assistance in creation of conditions for development of customer orientation of railroads and other modes of transport, development of effective interaction with producers and consumers, suppliers of raw materials and components, in building logistics chains of transportation of raw materials to the places of production.

Association is managed by:    

The supreme governing body management – General Meeting of the Association Members.

Association Board – the permanent collegial body.

Chairman of the Board – the President of the Association.

Executive Directorate – the executive body of the Association.